Mont Saint Michel-A Must See!

Our DIY European Adventure #4

8/1/20231 min read

Mont Saint Michel - the mysterious and remote Abbey on an island -

lies just off the coast of Normandy, France. It is a famous travel destination. We had seen photos and videos and knew we had to experience it for ourselves.

The night before we visited the Abbey, we were staying at a lovely Bed and Breakfast just 2 miles away (Chambres d’Hotes des Vielles Degues) and had wonderful galettes at a tiny French restaurant nearby – La Gourmandise -- which was recommended by our hostess Danielle.

The next day we walked up steep cobblestone streets (and then several flights of stone steps) to get to the Abbey. Check out the video below for lots of custom footage, a brief history of the Abbey, and our recommendations to make the most of your visit!

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